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The Strategic Studies Students' Consortium (S3C)

From L-R: Harris Stephenson, Timothy Choi, Alexander Salt, and Ian MacMillan.

The Strategic Studies Students Consortium (S3C) welcomes you to the University of Calgary and the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies (CMSS)! We are a tight and vibrant community focused on enhancing the academic experience of the students at the Centre and external guests alike.

For more information on the Student executive, please visit the Executive page.

While students at CMSS focus on a wide variety of research areas, all students part of the S3C, providing opportunities to participate in many academic and extracurricular activities over the course of the year. One of the S3C's main activities is the organisation of the annual student conference, focused on strategy, security, and defence.

The conference is multidisciplinary in scope and aims to stimulate discussions on a range of issues, both domestic and international. The conference acts as an open forum for public debate on issues ranging from terrorism and conflict prevention and management to arctic security and defence policy. The audience has also expanded to include students from all backgrounds and disciplines, current and retired military personnel, corporate representatives, as well as the general public. As such, the conference aims to be engaging for different individuals of different professional and academic backgrounds while providing a stimulating and well grounded exploration of contemporary and historical, and traditional and non-traditional security issues facing Canada and the world. By raising awareness of the most pressing and potentially pressing issues facing us, the conference hopes to inform, educate, and create continued interest into the many strategic, defence, and security spheres shaping our national policy.

For more information on the students and faculty involved in CMSS, please visit the People page.

If you have questions about the student life, applying, or any other queries best answered by a current CMSS student, please contact Harris Stephenson, Timothy Choi, Alexander Salt, or Ian MacMillan (using the contact information on the People page).

Strategic Studies and Security Consortium (S3C) Constitution

The objectives of the Association shall be:

a) to promote and serve the intellectual, academic, cultural, social, and recreational interests of the graduate students of the University of Calgary's Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies, hereinafter referred to as "CMSS";

b) to officially represent the interests of the graduate students of CMSS;

c) to foster interaction between graduate students of CMSS; and

d) to organize on an annual basis an international strategic studies and security conference.

PDF Version of Constitution