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International student exchange

CMSS has three international partnerships that allow students to take courses overseas and receive academic credit toward their degrees at the University of Calgary.

Our partners are:

There is considerable variation in the courses offered at each institution. At University of Haifa and Charles University, for example, most courses are in English. At Helmut Schmidt, only six courses are available in English for the CMSS approved curriculum.

Charles University


The courses available at Charles University come under its Masters-level International Security Studies program. These courses make up their Masters in Security Studies, which is entirely taught in English. Students are eligible to take any of these courses, dependent on availability and having the right prerequisites.


University of Haifa

The University of Haifa has two different programs available to CMSS students, both taught in English.

  1. National Security Studies Program — a Masters-level specialized political science program (details here).
  2. Peace and Conflict International Program — a Masters-level international program (details here).

Students are eligible to take any of these courses, dependent on availability and having the right prerequisites.

Helmut Schmidt University

Six courses are available for CMSS students, including:

  • Jonas: The German Question in Europe: History and Historiography
    Directed reading Class HT 2015
  • Matthew-Neufeld: Early Modern Britain: politics and society 1500-1800
  • Matthew Neufeld / Pranghofer: Early Modern Prussia (Tutorial and Fieldtrip)

More information

Students who want to undertake an exchange at any of these three universities must work through the University of Calgary International (see their Study Abroad section for details). This unit does all the work, up to and including finding the student a place to live and determining whether the courses the student would like to take are available.

CMSS students who take an exchange at one of these universities may get credit for the courses they take towards their course requirements for their MSS degree (thesis-, course- or coop-based). This means an appropriate course at one of these universities can be substituted for one of the three CMSS required courses. Students can undertake an exchange during the Fall or Winter Term (but more likely the Winter Term).