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Optional Courses

Optional Courses


CMSS graduate students may take any course pertinent to the student’s program.  The list below is an example of courses offered by the University of Calgary that CMSS students may consider taking towards their degree requirements.  Approval to take these courses must be obtained by consultation with the student’s supervisor and approval from the course instructor, home department Graduate Program Director (GPD) and other program/department GPD.  Please consult the U of C course catalogue for availability.


Anthropology and Archaeology

ANTH 641            Civil-Military Relations


Community Health Sciences

MDCH 646           Introduction to Public Health Surveillance

MDCH 649           Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases


Computer Science

CPSC 601              Special Topics in Computer Science



GEOG 553            Globalization and the City

GEOG 621            Politics of the Environment

GEOG 685            Arctic Systems Science



HTST 609              Canadian Military and the Second World War

HTST 690              Historiography and the Theories of History



LAW 547               Human Rights Law

LAW 565               Internet Law

LAW 693.xx           Law of the Sea

LAW 693.xx           International Criminal Law


Political Science

POLI 523               Advanced Studies in Canadian Arctic Security

POLI 575               Intelligence and Policy

POLI 585               Non-proliferation on Regimes

POLI 619               War and Interpretation

POLI 633               US Security Policy

POLI 643               Law and Conflict

POLI 683               Advanced Studies in Foreign Policy

POLI 689               Unconventional Warfare