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Funding Policy

CMSS generally provides financial support for its graduate students. Students are eligible for competitive funding packages for research at all levels. In addition to University awards, students are also considered for awards exclusive to the Centre. Course fees, travel costs to attend conferences and workshops in Canada and abroad, travel costs to carry out thesis- and dissertation-related research, special research projects and other student-directed initiatives are eligible for support.

In all cases, continued funding is dependent on good academic standing and satisfactory academic progress. Academic standing will be assessed by the Graduate Committee on the basis of a number of factors, including: fulfilling degree requirements; grades; students' annual progress reports; supervisor's and instructors' comments; participation in conferences and scholarly publications; conscientious fulfillment of any teaching or research obligations. Ordinarily, an A- average (3.70 GPA) in course work and timely progress in completing courses and thesis or dissertation research will be indicators of good academic standing.

Students receiving funding from the University and/or from CMSS, and indeed all CMSS students, are expected and encouraged to apply for all external funding for which they are qualified. This is particularly the case for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council scholarships and Open Scholarship Competitions. The University and CMSS funding of successful applicants for external funding will be adjusted, but in all cases it will be advantageous for the student to obtain the external award.

The Faculty of Graduate Students website maintains a list of awards and bursaries. University Research Services should be contacted regarding travel funding. The Graduate Students Association may also provide some travel assistance.

PhD Students

CMSS will normally provide competitive funding for each PhD student admitted to the program who applies for funding. Support may come from a variety of sources. Students in the PhD program will normally be funded for four years; the maximum period for completion of the PhD program is six years.

MSS Students

The Centre will normally provide competitive funding for MSS students who apply for funding. MSS students will normally receive funding for two years; the maximum period for completion of the MSS program is four years.

Student Travel Funding

CMSS will normally attempt to assist full-time MSS and PhD students in defraying a portion of their costs for research trips and for attendance at conferences at which they are presenting scholarly papers, subject to budgetary limitations. On occasion, support may be provided for attendance alone, if this is supportive of the student's research program. CMSS support will normally be contingent on students applying for appropriate additional sources of funding, whether within the University or outside (e.g. from a conference). Students should apply for the University Research Grants Committee Thesis Research Grants and Graduate Student Travel Grants. Contact University of Calgary Research Services for further information, and be attentive to the application deadlines. Bear in mind that these are competitive grants. Some support may also be available from the Graduate Students Association.

Centre support will be subject to certain expectations and conditions: priority will be given to PhD students (in their first four years, and normally within their first three years); MSS students should be in their first two years; applicants must have a satisfactory level of academic performance. Support will generally be provided for one research trip and one conference per calendar year, to a maximum of $1,000, subject to budgetary limitations. Applications will be assessed according to their value to the successful completion of the student's program of study. A conference at which a student presents a paper must have a Security and Defence focus.

No advance funding will be provided. The following information should be provided to the Graduate Program Director for approval well in advance, and copied to the Graduate Program Administrator:

1. Name and location of the conference or research centre which is the destination;

2. Date of departure and date of return;

3. If a conference at which the student is presenting a paper, the name of the paper and evidence of acceptance by the conference;

4. Estimated expenses for travel and lodging;

5. A letter from the student's supervisory in support of the application;

6. A list of other sources of funding to which the student has applied or will be applying, with the amounts applied for and received.

With the submission of this information in advance, we will attempt to give timely advance notice of what funding we are prepared to offer in support. No guarantee is provided that a funding application will be approved or, if approved, that the funding provided will be in the amount sought.

On return from a funded trip, a student must promptly present all original receipts and a summary report of what was accomplished. For a conference, a copy of the conference program and a copy of the paper presented should be provided. Payment will be made once these have been received and are satisfactory. No advance funding will be provided.

Funding Opportunities and Links

In addition to the comprehensive funding offered by CMSS, there are other types of funding which students are eligible to receive. Students should visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website and view their awards database for the most recent competition information (internal and external).

Types of Funding Available:

University of Calgary Awards: The U of C offers a number of awards to incoming students and currently registered students. Generally, these awards are available only to students who are registered in a full-time thesis-based program.

Open Competition Awards: These awards include a wide range of topics and opportunities. They are given on a basis of academic standing.

Bursaries: Available to students with the financial need. The allocation of these awards is based on academic merit and level of financial need.

External Awards: Offered by agencies, institutions and organizations external to the university. E.g.: SSHRC, Government grants.

University Assistantships: There are two types of these awards at CMSS, Graduate Assistantships (GAT) that involve a teaching or non-teaching component, and Graduate Assistantship Trust (GRS) that are funded from the research support accounts held in trust for University faculty. GRS does not involve teaching but the appointees are usually asked to assist at CMSS. The allocation of these awards is based on the funding policy of MSS and PhD students.

Graduate Achievement Awards: The Faculty of Graduate Studies Achievement Awards were created to recognize outstanding achievement, leadership and support of graduate education at the University of Calgary. This is our opportunity to recognize individuals for their inspiration, innovation and outstanding contributions to teaching and research. The nominations will be adjudicated by members of the Graduate Scholarship Committee.