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Discussion Panel: Canada’s Upcoming United Nations Military Deployment to Africa

Date & Time:
October 18, 2016 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
SS 623
Tim Stapleton, Marina Caparini, and Chris W. J. Roberts

Over the last few months Canadian political and military leaders have signalled that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will soon be headed to Africa in a significant way. This is part of a renewed commitment to United Nations (UN) peace operations, including complex, dangerous multi-dimensional missions with Protection of Civilians mandates.

Are Canadians ready for the CAF to be involved in contemporary peace operations that have little in common with traditional peacekeeping as per Suez or Cyprus?  Do the Canadian government and CAF leadership know what they might be getting into? What's driving the conflicts these UN missions are trying to ameliorate? Can Canada make a difference?

Join Tim Stapleton (African military historian and CMSS Fellow), Marina Caparini (UofCalgary alumna with extensive experience within and studying UN peace operations), and Chris W. J. Roberts (African politics and Canadian foreign & defence policy specialist) who will address these questions and others, as they also launch a special and timely issue of the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies focused on "Engaging Africa's Contemporary Security Challenges."