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Alumnus makes use of valuable knowledge gained during CMSS program in government position

Taken from in front of the Canadian Embassy, this photo is part of a series in a book commissioned by the CMSS alumnus while working in Venezuela.

One of the Centre's alumnus recently updated us on their position working for the Government of Canada, and has agreed to share some insights of their work on our website. For security reasons, their name is not attached. In their own words: 

I am writing this as I finish my tour as the Security Program Manager in Venezuela. For three years I have lived in the one most violent non-warzone city on earth. Caracas has the highest murder and kidnapping rates in the world. Based on official statistics, my neighbourhood has a kidnapping every week and it is considered one of the safest areas. For the last three months the country has been gripped by violent civil unrest with much of the violence having took place directly in front of the Canadian Embassy. With the Ambassador it is my responsibility to ensure safety and security of all employees of the Government of Canada living and working in this troubled country. When the ambassador was absent, I have also acted as the Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy and the Government of Canada in Venezuela.


The last time I wrote to you I was working for the Security and Emergency Management Bureau of Global Affairs Canada, travelling the world and preparing our Embassies for the crises they might face. This work took me to dozens of countries, from Afghanistan (multiple times) to San Salvador, from the Palestinian territories to Cote d’Ivoire, from Rio de Janeiro to Chicago.


I am currently in transition to be posted to Beijing where I will be the first Resiliency and Security Program Manager assigned to China. Once in Beijing, I will have responsibility for the security and emergency management posture of our embassy and all our consulates.


My time at CMSS continues to be a unique asset as I deal with my assignments. My education has provided me with a unique knowledge base compared to those of my colleagues. It has helped me to address the unique challenges of working in Venezuela. I continue to be a strong supporter and advocate of CMSS and hope to one day visit the school again.