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CMSS Makes Strong Showing at Spring Convocation

Congratulations to the latest CMSS graduates, Dr. Timothy Cake, Dr. Valerie Yankey-Wayne, and Masters of Strategic Studies Samantha Hossack, Harris Stephenson, and Michael Worden!

Of particular interest to the CMSS attendees was the granting of an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to "the voice of Canada", Peter Mansbridge, at the beginning of the morning ceremony. Delivering an evocative speech about the importance of combating hate online and offline, he cited Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi on the centrality of communities in building resilience to violence and discord. Given the recent state of international relations, this had clear relevance to the CMSSers who crossed the stage. 

The degree recipients came from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of approaches and subject matter for which the Centre is known:

Dr. Timothy Cake, under Dr. James Keeley's supervision, wrote his dissertation on "America's Intelligence Failure in the Prelude to Operation Iraqi Freedom: A Study in Analytic Factors";

Dr. Valerie Yankey-Wayne, supervised by Dr. Rob Huebert, had written hers on "Great Power Politics Among Asante and its Neighbours in the 18th and 19th Centuries: An Offensive Realist Explanation";

Samantha Hossack, supervised by Dr. John Ferris, wrote her Master's thesis on "Intelligence Systems Failures in Responding to Threats from Afghanistan";

Harris Stephenson, under the supervision of Dr. Terry Terriff, wrote his on "Tribal Ways of Warfare: Combat Branch Conceptualizations of Warfare in the United States Army, 1983-1999";

and finally, Michael Worden graduated as part of the course-based program and is currently serving with the Calgary Police Service, though he was unable to attend the ceremony. 

Of particular note was Hossack's reception of the University of Calgary President's Award due in part to her multi-year service in the Graduate Students' Assocation (GSA), including this past year's term as President of the GSA. Only one student in each ceremony is awarded the prestigious honour. Despite CMSS's small size, it has had an outstanding presence at convocation ceremonies, and Sam is the latest in a long line of CMSS graduates who have made their mark on the University of Calgary.

Congratulations to all!