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Dr. Alexander Hill presents at 2017 Australian Chief of Army History Conference

Dr. Alexander Hill

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I was fortunate to be invited to present a paper at the 2017 Australian Chief of Army History Conference in Canberra this last week (October 19-20). The theme of the conference was 'The Skill of Adaptability: the Learning Curve in Combat' - how armies learn and adapt - or not - in new circumstances, and how we can derive best practice from historical examples for armies to learn and apply experience today. Details of the conference are provided in the link below, and the papers will be published online in due course. Papers covered topics from the First World War through to coalition operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and were given by both civilian and military academics. An interesting conference. It is certainly rewarding for the military historian to be applying historical examples to contemporary practice!

Well done to the Australian Army's History Unit for organising the conference, and the Australian Army as a whole for taking history seriously enough to fund it! Many officers and civilians attended the two-day conference - there was quite the audience for every session!

Alexander Hill

For more details on the conference, click here.