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Dr. Sabrina Peric awarded 2017-2018 Calgary Institute for the Humanities Fellowship

Photo Credit: CIH

CMSS Senior Research Fellow Dr. Sabrina Peric is one of three University of Calgary professors selected to carry out innovative new research as a 2017-2018 Annual Fellow of the Calgary Institute of the Humanities (CIH), an institution at the University of Calgary established forty-one years ago to support the humanities via fellowships and lecture events.

In this capacity, Dr. Peric's new research project is entitled, "Ilegala: Reading, Radicalism and Paramilitarism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1932-1942," which looks at how individuals became radicalized in 1930s Yugoslavia. In particular, she will be looking at how the Communist Party Youth organization evolved into the Yugoslav Partisans paramilitary force. Using primary documents, particularly memoirs, Dr. Peric suggests that texts and literary practices were key factors in this transformation. 

In addition, Dr. Peric will be working with Dr. Petra Dolata (History), Dr. Roberta Rice (Political Science), and Dr. Saulesh Yessanova (Anthropology and Archaeology) on "Beyond Petrocultures", a CIH working group dedicated to critically analyzing the role of natural and energy resources in our lives. This coming year, they are expecting to engage in a larger collaborative project with the Max Planck Institutes in Berlin to further research on the relationships between energy and society.