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Dr. Sean Brady awarded a James M. Flaherty Fellowship to join CMSS in 2017

Sean Brady is a member of the Centre for War Studies at Trinity College Dublin and is James M. Flaherty Research Scholar for 2016–17 at the CMSS. Born in Ireland, he completed his undergraduate studies at Trinity College Dublin in 2005 before graduating with his PhD degree from Trinity College Dublin in 2014 where he worked under the supervision of Prof. John Horne. His postgraduate research was awarded a three-year scholarship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences and was also acknowledged with the Gail Braybon Prize by the International Society for First World War Studies. He has taught at Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Maynooth University and the University of Strasbourg.

Sean’s doctoral dissertation used the case of Sicily in the era of the Great War to understand how the global crises that began with the Italo-Turkish War and ended with the Treaty of Lausanne impacted upon Italy, Europe and the wider world. It argued that much of what defines modern Sicily – its society, economy, institutions, cultures and place in the world – was shaped by the experience of the First World War, in particular the dual dynamics of violence and mobilisation that provided the motor behind the conflict. A book manuscript expanding on this dissertation is due for completion in March 2017.

Dr. Brady’s latest project examines the nature and significance of international military occupations during the years immediately after the First World War. It takes the cases of three military occupations between 1918 and 1920 – those of British and Dominion forces in the German city of Bonn, Italian troops in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, and French soldiers in the Ottoman city of Zonguldak – and compares their occupation regimes, cultures and relationships with local authorities and civilians. The project hypothesis is that specific occupation practices and cultures influenced post-war patterns of violence and non-violence both within the occupied territories and in the societies from which the occupying forces were drawn.

While at the CMSS, Sean is examining the Irish and Canadian dimensions of this new project. He aims to draw together the experiences of Irish and Canadian soldiers in Bonn between 1918 and 1920, comparing and contrasting their actions in and around the city. At the same time, he is looking to identify the different strands of debate on the issue of military occupations that both divided and united communities in post-war Canada, Ireland and the wider world. By doing this, Sean is hoping to highlight both the specificities and shared features of Irish and Canadian history. 

The Flaherty Fellowship

A premiere international exchange programme commemorating Canada’s former Minister for Finance, and great friend of Ireland, James M. Flaherty.

Honoring the life and work of Canada’s former Minister for Finance, James M. Flaherty,  the objectives of this program are as follows;

  • To build on the network of academic links between Canada and Ireland, resulting in increased academic co-operation, greater inter-cultural understanding and the potential for increased trade between both countries, and
  • To support the development of excellence in research of individual scholars who have an expressed and demonstrable commitment to research in a field relating to both Canada & Ireland.

It is the aim of the Foundation to support preeminent scholars and academics who are leaders, or future leaders, in their academic or post-academic professional field. 

The James M. Flaherty Program is provided with the assistance of the Government of Canada, via the International Education Division of Global Affairs Canada, and with the assistance of the Irish Government, via the Emigrant Support Programme, administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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