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"Transformation and the War in Afghanistan" >
David J. Bercuson and Barry Cooper imagine a future where western territories have split from Canada to escape the bureaucratic despotism of Ottawa >
At the Centre of Government: The Prime Minister and the Limits and Political Power by Ian Brodie has been named as a top 10 policy book by The Hill Times. >
Katie Domansky successfully defends her doctoral dissertation >
"No, China Hasn’t Hijacked Canadian Sea Sensors To Spy on US Subs." >
November 2018 Graduates >
Matthew Rowland, Hannah Devereux, John Reyes >
The list consisting of 6 volumes is now available. >
Keith Hickerson receives awards from Political Science and PPSA >
HSU students visiting this fall. >
Ian MacMillan successfully defends doctoral dissertation. >
"Processing the Lessons of War: Organizational Change and the US Military" >
Congratulations to CMSS student Katelyn Stieva! >
Professor Tim Stapleton recently returned from a month-long visit to Nigeria. >
4th Year PhD Candidate Alexander Salt publishes an academic article with Strategic Studies Quarterly >