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Past CMSS research theses

Year Thesis Title Author
2014 Stripes Pips and Crowns: A Preliminary Study of Leader-Follower Relations in the Canadian Expeditionary Force During the First World War, 1914-1918 Craig Leslie Mantle
2013 Gender Biases and Armed Conflict Kimberly Pavelich
2013 A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours Keith Hann
2013 The British Empire on the Western Front Geoffrey Jackson
2013 Captains of Industry Crewing the Ship of State: Dollar-a-Year Men and Industrial Mobilization in WWII Canada, 1939-1942 Jeremy Stewart
2013 Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The United States Navy and Mine Warfare in the 21st Century Timothy Hiu-Tung Choi
2013 What is Past is Prologue: Historical and Organizational Factors in Establishing a Director of the United States Intelligence Community Brice William Coates
2012 The Primacy of Culture in Smart Power George Heng
2012 The U.S. and Saudi Arabia After the Iraq War Mustafa Ahmad
2012 Friend or Foe? Ruth Richert
2012 Unification and the Culture of the CF Rachael Bryson
2012 Same Game, Different Rules H.D. Munroe
2012 Spies Wearing Purple Hats: The Use of Social Computing to Improve Information Sharing Inside the United States Intelligence Community Andrew Chomik
2012 Trading in Conflict: Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility Amara Hunt
2011 Plan Colombia: Militarizing the War on Drugs Juliette Gonzalez
2011 The U.S.-Iranian Nuclear Problem Julian Dawson
2011 Ituri: Lessons Learned in Conflict Resolution Milos Dimic
2011 The NSG Waiver for India and Non-proliferation Saira Bano
2011 The Decline and Fall of Imperialism in Canada Ryan Flavelle
2011 Politics vs. Policy Kirsten Sztain
2011 Strategic Studies and Cyberspace: Iranian Political Unrest on Twitter Herve St-Louis
2011 Water Security: Concepts, Challenges, and the South Saskatchewan River Basin Cindy Stromer
2010 Salafi-Jihadist Use of the Internet Carina McDonald
2010 Blue Water Dragon Simon Stone
2010 Canada'92s Involvement in PKO Matthew Burr
2010 Strategy and the Forces of Group Violence in Aftrica: The Case of Toto Local Government Robert Barrett
2009 Course 000: Arctic Maritime Enforcement Marshall Horne
2009 The Impact of Military Culture and Doctrine Timothy S. Cake
2009 The Evolution of Cooperative Threat Reduction Krzysztof Kotarski
2009 The Emergence of the Torpedo Boat Joseph Zeller
2009 The Application of Humint in Counterterrorism Robert Shepherd
2009 Hyper Dragon, Hibernating Beaver Chris W.J. Roberts
2009 Critical Infrastructure Protection in Canada: Focus on the Energy Sector Tushna Soonawalla
2009 What'92s on the Agenda? Conceptualizing Threat to National Security Anne Beatty
2008 Hegemony Over the Heavens: Struggle in Space John Modinger
2008 Respectful Vagueness Derek Fung
2008 Mozi on Warfare Geoffrey P. Crookes
2008 Security North American Transportation Tiffany Dawn Victoria Farion
2008 Memetics As a Basis For Counterterrorism Andrew Sullivan
2008 Rules for Victory: Analysis of the Malayan Emergency and South Vietnamese Strategic Hamlet Program Using Social Constructivism Jeremy Lammi
2008 Canada After 9/11: The Economic Security of Anti-Terrorism and Border Security Jonathan Kent
2007 Rapid Conquest Societies: A Comparative Study Chris Jesse
2007 On Message Daniel Patrick Fitzsimmons
2007 University Reserves and Canada: The Return of COTC David Turnbull
2007 Morally Bound: Counter-Terrorism Policy During the Reagan Administration Alexander Weiss
2007 Non Jewish Russions in the Israeli Defence Force Diana Shvarz
2007 Training as per Syllabus: Readying the South Saskatchewan Regiment for War, 1939-1944 Douglas Benneweis
2007 Mind the Gap: How Canada'92s Attempt to Bridge the Democracy Gap in Egypt may Endanger its Interests in the Middle East Kate McAuley
2006 The Mukhabarat Tammy Moharram
2006 Threat and Interdependence Maureen Denise Shields
2006 Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Innovation Stephen B. Wheatley
2006 Hill 70 and Lens, the Forgotten Battles: The Canadian Corps in the Summer of 1917 Geoffrey Jackson
2006 Terrorist Financing Operations in Canada Danielle Romanick
2006 The Art of Occupation Lars Liam Herwig
2006 Terrorism and Mass-Casualty Weapons Robert Daniel Lovsin
2006 A New Strategy For Cooperative Resource Management in the South China Sea Karsten von Hoesslin
2006 Societal Security and the Cultural Integration of Islam in England and France John Simon McCoy
2006 Municipal Policy and Counter-Terrorism: Can Intelligence Led Policing Work at the Local Level Stephen James
2006 Professionally Disconnected: Human Resources Strategic Planning Pamela Stewart
2006 Canadian Naval Shipbuilding: Improving the Effectiveness of the Buy Canadian Policy Ty Curran
2005 The Challenges of Doing Good Work: CF Cimic David A. Peabody
2005 Balkan Rats and Balkan Bats Robert W. Bergen
2005 The (IM) Polite World of Diplomacy Jean-Pierre Marchant
2005 Battalion Efficacy in Normandy, July 1944 J.E.M. Millroy
2004 Argentine Military Professionalism 20th Century Karin Lenore Oxtoby
2004 Strategy 2020 and the Future of DND/CF Ray Szeto
2003 The Paradox of Canada'92s Regional Engagement: Rethinking Canadian Defence Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region Christopher Bullock
2003 The American RMA Effect on Transatlantic Security Keane Grimsud
2003 Bad Lessons? Army Reserve NCM Training William McAuley
2003 Blurred Vision: Ethos and the CF Pierre Lepine
2003 Lost Decade in U.S.-Colombian Relations Jillian Lyn Dowding
2002 Reinventing the Looking Glass: Developing a Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service Richard Kott
2001 After Battle, Tighten Your Helmut Strings: The Development of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1875-1905 Dylan Kirk