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CMSS Grad Program Administrator Donna Keene-Ochosky cleans up SSHRC proposals on Halloween.

CMSS Grad Program Administrator Donna Keene-Ochosky shows her Halloween spirit by dressing as a witch on Halloween eve. No, the broom was not how she got home.

Team CMSS: From Left — Captain Kevin Klein, Matthew Preston, Dr. Craig Leslie Mantle, Samantha Hossack and Donna Keene-Ochosky.

CMSS PhD student Captain Kevin Klein was presented with the Colonel Peter Hunter prize for his presentation at the 17th Annual Graduate Student Symposium at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, on October 17.

Ron Kaufman and Howard Dean will participate in a panel discussion at the School of Public Policy.

The School of Public Policy and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute are partnering with CMSS to offer a panel discussion on the Canadian implications of the U.S. Midterm elections. Former Democratic Governor Howard Dean and Republican strategist Ron Kaufman will take part.

ISA success story: Adam Cote, Blake Barkley and David Torre (left to right, back row) with Saira Bano, Katie Domansky and Shaiel Ben-Ephraim.

CMSS and the University of Calgary have had a very strong showing at the upcoming International Studies Association Annual Convention, which takes place in New Orleans on February 18-21, 2015. 

Terror shouldn't break our ties with our soldiers, writes CMSS Director David Bercuson in the Globe and Mail.

Energy companies remain on alert for attacks. CMSS Senior Research Fellow Gavin Cameron comments in the Calgary Herald.

In April of last year, the students of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies and the students of the Political Science department met with a mission in mind. The idea was to get as many quality representatives from the University of Calgary as possible into the most prestigious conference in the International Relations world: the annual International Studies Association Convention. The students, with the...

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